The 26th Galesburg Heritage Days

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Food Kitchens:  
Two Eagles-Doyle (Doo-Dah) Johnson and crew, WI *Confirmed*
Ram & Poni-Dean Ramponi and CJ Wagner, MO *Confirmed*
MA'S Fry Bread-Misty Mackay, IA *Confirmed*
Aunt Rita's Kettle Corn-Joe & Billie Hurley, MO *Confirmed*

Ha Penny Band-Tales & Tunes of the 1700's-Mike & Nita Kinney, IL *Confrimed*
Bagpiper Angus MacKay of Gairloch-Mike Kinney, IL *Confirmed*

Lewis & Clark Fife and Drum Corp. from St. Charles, MO *Confirmed*
Native American Village-Susan Minor, Ben "Julip" Smith storyteller, and crew*Confirmed*
Railtracer Band, OH *Confirmed*

Katy Redington and Crew, Galesburg, IL *Confirmed*

Transportation between Encampments:

Galesburg Historical Society Tram: driven by John Hagen and Ron Peck *Confirmed*

General Traders:
Whitehawk Trading-Doug Akers, IA *Confirmed*
Dacotah Trading Post-Michelle Riggle, IN *Confirmed*
Uniquely Designed Stuff-Heidi Hilmer, IA *Confirmed*
Ma Turtle & Lightfoot Trading-Sue & Dana Franzen, IA *Confirmed*
Fort Hall Trader-Larry & Shirlee Hall, IA
Lost Prairie-Gary Hamilton & Cindy Karrick, IL *Confirmed*
The Blanket Trader-Nick Sevart ND

Triple Cross Product-James & Cheyenne Trambley IL *Confirmed*

Trapper Dave's Trading Post-Lorna & Dave Kremin, IA

Muleskinner's-Pat Robison, IN *Confirmed*

Bear & Turtle Traders- Christina & Dean Dilley, IA *Confirmed*

Ottery Creek Traders-Paul Carlson, IL

Irish Ridge Traders-Glade & Trish Thompson, MN

B & D Merchantile-Bradley Mahler, IL *Confirmed*

Pineapple's Place-Christin Jameson & Ron, MN *Confirmed*

Wild Goose Traders-Jim Casey, IL

Many Hats-Bob Daniel, MO

Hissing Serpent Trading Company-David Lorton, IA

On the Square Traders-Luke Acord, MN 

Wandering Lodge Trading Co.- Joe (Yellowfoot) Lang, IA *Confirmed*

The Marquette Trading Co-Teresa Elmore, MO *Confirmed*

Powder Horn-Sara Druery, IA *Confirmed*

Specialty Shops:

C. Buie Cooper-Charles Buie, IL 
Spoonmaker-Patrick Grady, IL

Robert Adair, IL

PJ's Wood N Knots-Joe & Penny Wilson, IL *Confirmed*
Spring Valley Lodges-Jim & Rebecca Fairchild, IL *Confirmed*
Three Feather's Trading-Chell Doll, IA *Confirmed*
Flintknapper/Cannon-Richard Hamilton, IL *Confirmed*

Historic Story/Coloring Book Creator-Darlene Miller, IA

Cousin Dave's Silversmith- Dave Dittmer, IL *Confirmed*

Pottery by Melissa- Melissa Gascoigne, IL *Confirmed*

Wild Wondering Designs-Dana Hoffman, IL *Confirmed*

Jan's Cabin-Jan & Don LaPreze, MO

Pierre Bulbona Traders-Jay Mount & Tamara Stevens, IL
Leprechaun Forge-Steve O'Grady, IA *Confirmed*
For the Lady/Ladies & Gentleman Emporium-Deb Kelly & Emily Bencomo, IL*Confirmed*
Treasures From the Hive-Jim & Tina Roman, IA
Chowning Silver Shop-Jeff Chowning, IN *Confirmed*
Lost In Time Creations-Jeff Dabson, WI
Riverine Traders-Mike Widner & Susan Mueller, WI
Boomer's Fur-Stanton & Amy Starnes, MO
Ridge Runner Canvas-Steve & Jennifer Johnson, MO
Grampa Grr's Leather & Mrs. Potts Whatnots-Gregg & Mona Gramberg, WI
The Rainbow's Thread-Darcy Anderson, IA *Confirmed*
Wind Rider Trading-Lynn and Lucinda Nelson, MN *Confirmed*

Brain Tanning-Daniel Vogt,IL *Confirmed*